Charmagne Coe is an American surrealist. She creates inner and outer-worldly paintings with watercolor, ink, pastel and other mixed media. Inherent is a deep respect for the nature of automatism, Spirit and contour line. Her work has been included in publications such as Utne Reader, Luxe Interiors + Design and Creative Quarterly. When she is not working in her little studio, she participates in international exhibitions. She also expresses wild expanses and heart-achy characters in pen and ink.

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Curriculum Vitae


Northern Arizona University, 1991-1994, BA in elementary education, minor in fine arts

Selected Exhibitions:

Pan Door, solo exhibition of drawings and paintings, Royse Contemporary Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

Contemporary Southwest Now, grand opening exhibition, Royse Contemporary Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
The Reaches,  debut Phoenix solo exhibition, Chartreuse Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

Tiny Works | Tiny Dances, {9}The Gallery, Phoenix, AZ
Home For the Holidays, Herberger Gallery at Arizona Center, Phoenix, AZ
35 Live, CoCA Members' Show 2016, Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA

10×10 Exhibition, group exhibition, Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff, AZ
Spring Exhibition, Arizona Opera, Phoenix, AZ
Essential Creatures, group exhibition, West of the Moon Gallery, Flagstaff, AZ
Annual Miniature Art Extravaganza, group exhibition, Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA

(un)Still Life, guest artist, group exhibition, Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff, AZ
Prelude, solo exhibition, Shade West (of MonOrchid Gallery) and Renaissance Hotel, downtown Phoenix, AZ

From Hinterland, solo exhibition, Gallery One13, Flagstaff, AZ
Imaginatio(n)ow, group exhibition, ASU Institute for Humanities Research, Phoenix, AZ
Mail Me Art:  Short & Sweet, group exhibition, The Framers Gallery, London
Thermal PHX, group exhibition, MonOrchid Gallery, Phoenix, AZ
Show and Tell, group exhibition, Herberger Theater Art Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

Featured artist, group exhibition, Arizona Handmade Gallery, Flagstaff, AZ
First Friday at the Pike, solo exhibition, The Pike, Flagstaff, AZ
10×10 Exhibition, group exhibition, Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff, AZ

Embark, solo exhibition, Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff, AZ
Bluecanvas Magazine Issue 8 Launch Event, group exhibition, Los Angeles, CA

Friends of Photojournalism, HiddenLight, group exhibition, Flagstaff, AZ
Here and Ago, Holland Studio, two-person exhibition, Flagstaff, AZ

Holland Studio, solo exhibition, Flagstaff, AZ


August 2017 - Present, Royse Contemporary Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
June 2013 - August 2014 Monorchid Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

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Album Artwork

CD cover art, Matt Bingham, Fireflies

Gatefold vinyl sleeves cover art and poetry, Pausal, Along the Mantic Spring

CD cover art, Matt Bingham, Me & You


Honey Wove the Marrow, art column, Online Sundries by Arcadia Magazine

Familiar Spirits Light a Wayart column, Online Sundries by Arcadia Magazine


Creative Quarterly, issue 34 - 35, winner of Fine Art Category